Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I'm having a scatterbrained day. Take a large amount of pollen, blend it one allergic lady, add two children not native to the house, editing work, knitting, and attempting to use photos from Flickr in my blog ... and you have a scatterbrained me.

For one thing, no pictures are showing up. How can one have a running commentary if there are no visible pictures? Maybe you can see them. Maybe you can't! (I certainly can't. Maybe here will work? If anyone knows what I did wrong, holler!)

The first photo is of a Shetland wool batt. I'm not sure if it's supposed to look this way. No matter ... it's been spun. But if you know batts, do tell what you'd do if your batt looked like this.

Tucked in here somewhere are pictures of my spinning bobbin and a penny, my shawl blocked out on dental floss (a nice lifeline) to see if it really was large enough to start the edging (twasn't ... I did 30 more rows), some yarn that has been recycled from a baseball, and another portion of a bookcase.

I would have some pictures from the fair, but I didn't go. I didn't even knit. Four rows of a baby sock wiped me out, so I slept. The family entries did well, however. Puer came away with the tallest weed (10 ft giant ragweed, anyone?) and a very unappreciated-by-the-judge 3rd place ribbon for my Lazy Kate. Filia walked off with blue ribbon mittens and a Reserve Champion sweater, and I got lots of blue ribbons and a Champion ribbon on Puer's gansey. No comments on the Holey Shawl , just a blue ribbon pinned to it. I had to chuckle when the ladies taking the entries expressed concern about putting a pin through a fichu (is it strong enough?) but casually stabbed my shawl with no worries whatsoever. (I haven't looked yet to see what the pin did.)

Bleak House wasn't at the library, and I finished up Martin Chuzzlewit faster than I'd expected, so I was stuck without planned Serious Reading Material. I pulled Tom Jones off the shelf,and dove in. So far, so good!


Carissa said...

Everything looks great! It is nice to hear that the family entries did so well at the fair!

Pensguys said...

I had to go to Flickr to see the pix. Great, btw!

Oh, my boys better WATCH out! I might be dissecting their baseballs! LOL