Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Snooping around my house

While a friend and I were chatting the other day, we discovered that one of the things we most love about photos on blogs is seeing what books who has. And one of the most frustrating things is when one can't make out the titles. I am going to remedy this (hopefully) by taking systematic photos of my bookshelves and sharing them. My first three shelves are the top three of the eight shelves one is greeted with when walking into the living room. They are, in order from top to bottom, The Shelf We Can't Reach/Theology, The Theology We Really Want To Read, and Classics, Part I (of IV).

Zoomom was so kind as to share her sock yarn stash photos. I am stunned. Bona fide stunned. To encourage others (this is you, Penny) to show and tell as well, I am sharing photos of my sock yarn stash as well, and even my Whole Stash (with a few exceptions, noted.)

First, we have the sock yarns. The center tub is actuall sport weight yarns, and includes all my sport weight stuff ... primarily leftover Parade, Shine Sport, and Cotlin. The sock yarns are all leftovers from other pairs.

Next comes a profile shot of my stash. On the left, top-down, we have Sock Yarns, Fingering Weight (one of every Palette, mostly, Worsted Weight, DK weight, and on the bottom, Miscellaneous (I believe it's mostly miscellaneous fingering weight. I acquired someone else's stash BC (before children) and it was mostly fingering weight. The right stack contains Short Acrylic Worsted Leftovers, Coned Weaving Yarns, and Laceweight yarns.

Other yarns in the house, not covered here, include my daughter's stash (one box), one or two boxes of acrylic (gained from Freecycle), a box-worth of miscellaneous novelty yarns given to me 'in case I can use them' and some pre-yarn (ie, wool batts.)

Then, there is my knitting box. The sock at the bottom center is Filia's ... she'll wonder where it went when she finishes off its mate. The pale pink is Elann's Espirit, thinking about becoming baby socks. The rest has been blogged about recently.

For pictures of my Shetland Triangle, check out Journey to A Shawl. It's got my newest K'Nex yarn toy too.

Last night I spent plotting and planning for school. I think I've got a vague enough plan to last, and a concrete enough plan to get something done. I also splurged and got desks for my children, so they have their own working space. A 6x2 ft table doesn't quite work fo rus.

I'm plugging away on Martin Chuzzlewit. The book has actually gotten quite good, and I am having to pull myself away to get other things done. Like socks (finished Sunday) for the fair (entries Thursday). Hard Times is an easier read, but Martin has grown on me.


Denise said...

I love the stash of socks all neat and tidy, just the way I like things.

Oh but the bookshelves! Woo hoo! How fun is that. I want to be your neighbor. I can't wait to see your knitting section, and I bet you will like my Christmas books ....

Pensguys said...

Okay.....I'll get right on that tomorrow...taking pix and blogging. Warning though....mine is mostly sock yarn too!

Theresa said...

I love seeing books too. My friend has been using http://www.librarything.com/ and I just opened an account there. I only have a few of my knitting books on it so far, but I thought it would be a good way to catalog for insurance purposes too. Most of our library is in about 30 banker's boxes. Our dream is to have a home with a sturdy enough foundation some day to have a room for our library/school! LOL

Donna B said...

wow, you have some good books there!

:-) What a neat idea!