Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another week, another shopping trip

This time, we had a slightly longer doctor visit, but compensated for it by visiting Three yarn stores, one book store, one gallery, one library, and a few other necessary places (food, anyone?)

At Yarnzilla, I fell in love with the Misti Alpaca Lace, which has been calling my name for some time. The Panda Cotton seemed perfect for a pair of toddler/baby socks, so I got that too.

Coldwater Collaborative was a spot on our map marked "Yarn Store" in Excelsior. It was almost on our route to the bookstore (our official first stop) but we decided to detour and see if we could spot it. We had no name, no address ... just a circle around "Water Street". Wouldn't you know - the last block had a store saying "The Yarn Store You've Been Looking For" What was there to do but park and head on in? They had lots of yummy yarn, including the Regia above, and Mom saw some books she had to have as well. She exercised great restraint in not getting a Koigu book and enough yarn for me to make a cardigan.

Then we made it to the bookstore. Here's our loot - with a few books from the last trip. Book at this house do not stay on the bookshelf. They WANDER from room to room, and out to the van, and off to the front porch.

On the way home, we stopped off at The Tangled Skein for some Brittany needles, but they were OUT so I am still stuck with just 5 sock needles, which is really putting a bind on my traveling/home project, since socks are on the list for both. Maybe I should start spinning for my shawl? (What shawl, you ask? I don't know yet.)

Theresa correctly guessed that my mystery project was from Victorian Lace Today. But no one even thought about guessing which project it was! It was Victorian Ruby, and all is done but the blocking.

Now, some pics of old projects (ca 1995) and some questions. Does anyone know which issue of Treasures in Needlework had this baby blanket pattern? Or where else it might be? I made 3, but feel like I should make some more. Not for me ... Puella got the cream, Puer got the blue, my maid of honor's daughter got the pink ... but just for general principles.

And here's a Dale of Norway Christening Gown. Dale has discontinued all their old booklets (drat) but does anyone know which one this gown came from? I can't imagine where my booklet went to.

The baby stuff is coming out as I've been asked to knit up some things for a baby show this November. Puella is thinking of knitting some socks for it as well. And I may have found a goldsmith to make some lovely shawl pins, so I could knit shawls to my heart's content, and sell them in her gallery with matching pins.

My current WIP looks, at this moment, very much like a sock cuff. How's everyone doing on the summer knitting?

And did anyone actually get a book they wanted at the Interweave Press Hurt Book sale? I started browsing around the site at 10:04 Mountain Time and by the time I got to the right pages (running 7 tabs at a time) all 6 books that looked good were Gone.

Like I needed more knitting books.


Pensguys said...

Oooh! You always have the BEST pictures! ;)

My summer knitting hasn't been going as well as I wanted it to. I've lost my mojo somehow.

Carissa said...

Your knitting looks great! I love the Dale ones especially. I have a few of the newer ones, and I need to pick up a few more while I can find them. I really like the new one, and may need to pick it up to make something for the new baby! I can't help you with the Dale christening gown pattern, but Garnstudio had a beautiful one here:

Carissa said...

Okay, so the link got cut off. Here's a tiny url that should work: