Monday, April 30, 2007

Socks in the Springtime

Plum Tree. It, and our cherry tree, are blooming right now. The apricots bloomed two weeks ago, and the apples and peaches are thinking that maybe, spring has come to Minnesota and they should start getting in on the show.

Daffodils. If you're thinking they should be peeking up through the melting snow, you're right. But not this year! Snow doesn't last long when the highs are near 90 degrees. Once upon a time we had a host of tulips as well, but they've fallen prey to the animals that enjoy them as midwinter snacks.

Lily of the Valley. Two years ago, we planted 10. My husband thought they were weeds and leveled them with the weed-eater. They didn't mind. If I moved the bird bath, I'm sure there'd be plants trying to come up there. They're even sneaking under the border of the bed and coming up in the yard.
Peach Tree! (Really and truly. It's the twig sticking through the little yellow piece of tape.) The tree which used to be there lost its trunk last year in a bit of wind, a tree without a trunk is best saved for the fireplace, not fruit production. We also planted a pear tree, but it's hard to tell them apart in a photo.

Baby hat for the Loopy Ewe's Quarterly Challenge. Also, another April Stash project. Acrylic has such body ... this hat could practically get up and walk away, I think.

Socks. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Steelhead, using the Crosshatch Lace pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks and a Horizontal Chain Selvedge for finishing. I may remove the selvedge and pick something with a bit more give, but I do like it and definitely will be using it now and then. The heel is done with a heel flap, and it's okay, I suppose. I'm not really a heel flap fan, but I am looking forward to seeing what Wendy has done with her latest pair .. a heel flap that looks top-down, but was done toe-up!

I went on a bit of an Internet shopping spree during break. A bit of curriculum here, a bit of harp music there, some kitchen goodies from over there, and YARN from Knitpicks. And, I listed my loom on Craigslist. Anyone know anyone who wants a loom?


Carissa said...

I love the flowering trees, and I love the socks! I hope to try the Bearfoot one day.

Pensguys said...

Aaaahhhh...more ways to make me jealous! :)

Holly said...

I love Spring! My purlpe iiris are blooming and the peonies aren't far behind!
That Bearfoot is so pretty-that's a yarn I've been wanting to try.

Anonymous said...

Love the socks and baby hat! I'm working on a pair of socks in the same stitch pattern with Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock. What fun!

Suzanne in NJ