Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's spring again

And this week is Spring Break. Break is a time for cleaning, organizing, sorting through rooms ... and that's what I've been up to.

Monday was the Daughter Day. Dd and I spent some time sorting through her clothing, then some more time searching through the clutter in the rest of her room for more clothing. We found a pair of socks that doesn't belong to anyone in the house, several things I've been missing for a while, and ended up with 3 paper sacks of clothing to donate, and 3 buckets of trash. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday was the Son Day. He started off the day in a pair of size 8 shorts, and ended up in a pair of size 16 shorts. That was *not* supposed to happen. He's set for the summer AND winter, having received 3 trash bags of boys clothing from Freecycle. He is, as he puts it, too shy to throw things away, but we're working on learning that skill anyways. Even a pack-rat need not save empty packets of apple cider mix.

Wednesday was the Craft Room Day. I am looking for good reasons to keep my fabric stash, and hoping not to find any, for I am not a sewer at heart. I can sew when the mood takes me, but I'd rather knit. I have put away ALL my yarn, and needles, and gotten all the ironing done. The mending is in a pile on the sewing machine.

While I was bustling about, I came across a single mitten I had been (and will be) keeping. It's a twisted-knit mitten, roughly akin to the one on page 106 of Twined Knitting. I used Harrisville Designs Shetland Wool, small needles (US 1 or 2, I'd guess), and got 30 sts/3". It's a lovely gauge swatch, and scratchy as all get out. I wonder if I knew about blocking when I made it?

This was a good week for Stash Projects. First, I finished the hand-spun, hand-knit, blindly-follow-the-pattern two-end mittens. The blocked gauge was 8 sts & 8 rows per inch. They will get much wear next winter.

I finished the Tofutsies socks. Then I knit up a pair of half-mitts from a pattern at Knitty for the Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge. I've never been a customer of theirs, but I saw a post on Wendy's blog and decided that would be a good stash project. Of course, one pair of mitts isn't much to mail off, so I knit a hat too. And then I found two more hats in my Homeless Completed Projects pile, so I'll have a respectable amount to send off to them.

Lastly, and leastly of the pictures, here is a Final Picture of a sweater I made for DS. It's about 4 years old, and he decided it was getting a bit Too Small. The design is his - his second choice, actually. The first design he submitted for construction was a rippling American flag. I offered to teach him Intarsia, as I avoid it whenever possible. He declined, and came up with this version.

I wonder where it will end up?

But what I really wonder is ... what will I cast on tonight? Socks? Or???


Carissa said...

You've had a busy week! I like all of the knitting that you've done. I am just getting ready to dive into my fabric stash! I usually don't do a lot of sewing in the winter, but I like to in the spring and summer. Mostly because I like to sew dresses and skirts for B and I, and jumpers for A. I just love dresses in the summer!

Holly said...

LOL at the empty packets of apple cider mix! That is so much like my own ds. There's no telling what you'll find in there...
You were super busy this week-great job!!!