Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More yarn!

Blogger is not cooperating for pictures today, so no pictures.

That's not entirely bad. You can use your imagination to come up with how far one ball of purple yarn will go on a rectangular shawl. (Answer: Row 64) My unphotographed Brioche Stitch scarf will remain incognito. You'll have to knit one of your own to find out what an argyle sock designed to fit an 18" calf looks like. No, not for the kind of calf that says Moo. It's the kind attatched to a man's foot. And you'll have to use your imagination to picture the Moebius I was practically forced to cast on as a take-along project because I was running out of yarn for argyle sock 2 (and argyles are not take-along projects in any case) and I had no other viable project on needles. I'm using KnitPicks Shadow in Campfire, and it looks quite nice.

The socks which grew in the handwashing behaved appropriately when machine laundered, and reverted to their scheduled size.

My stash is actually shrinking at a steady pace, despite the fact that I haven't started my tea cozy which is lurking in it somewhere. The Campfire came from my stash, as did the Brioche Scarf. I also sent off 13 partial balls of sock yarn today to Major Knitter , who will be using them to make Knit Notes, the initial proceeds from which will go to charity.

To be honest, though, my stash also grew. I have 10 more balls of Purple Palette (so I'm going to work on your shawl tonight, Rebecca!) and an additional 10 balls of Shine in Orchid. That will become the Fluted Ribs capelet from WrapStyle, sometime, somewhen.

My daylight hours are filled with homeschool, household management, and editing. I cleaned up my desk yesterday (inspired by the YarnHarlot's new desk with a cubby for yarn!), cleared off the foot-high stack of Classical Writing books so that I could find the two books I am currently editing (and will hopefully finish before the next two books are ready for editing), and am generally not bored.

So unbored, in fact, that I think I'll go knit.
I still haven't started a tea cozy.


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

Ooooh! Can't wait to see pix!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful contribution to March Madness and for the link. I can't tell you how much it means. Thanks and happy knitting.