Friday, March 10, 2006

Another week, another project

Note to self: If one wants to complete 200 rows in a week, it is helpful to record how many rows have been previously done.

The Faux Russian Stole is growing apace. I am on the 5th repition (our of 5 1/2). That makes roughly 400 rows since February 28th, so I think I met my goal of doing 200 rows this past week. I'm not sure though. There were days when I felt like I went backwards more than forwards, but as the net result has been forward progress, I must be feeling wrong.

My daughter postponed Friday until tomorrow (you can do that when your temperature has three digits before the decimal point), allowing her to spend today lazying on the couch. She's not being entirely lazy, though Look what came off her needles today!

My latest pair of socks is growing nicely, but they didn't start growing soon enough to prevent my casting on a new project, a Brioche Stitch Scarf in a yarn that is acquiring a reputation for flexibility. So far, it's been a sample cable hat for my MK coursework, and a trial piece for unventing increases and decreases in Brioche knit. The scarf is about 18" long at this point, and the toe-up sock is 2-3" above the ankle.

For those of you waiting to hear how my MK submission was received, stop waiting; it's going to be a while. I did call the Guild today to make sure my submission got there, since I've not gotten a postcard informing me of that fact. I am pleased to report (and relieved to learn) that my box arrived on the 23rd of February, and shipped out on the 24th to An Examiner.

I didn't get the yarn ordered for the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl yet, mostly because the recipient and I are still tossing around yarn ideas. The color will be Iris ... but Iris Alpaca Cloud, or Iris Zephyr, or an iris-color in Cashmere, or Iris something else?

Homeschooling did manage to continue. I've even joined in. We received our Calculadders Masterpacks this past week, and I've joined my son in working through Book 2. I started off miserably with Two Wrong Answers, but have since picked my jaw up off the floor and am using the correct brain circuits to answer the questions. I don't know that I've read anything but knitting books and curriculum lately. Chesterton hasn't gone much of anywhere yet, and I need to get listening to Adler (Aristotle for Everyone) before the cassettes have to go back.

Our living room/school room is changing color from White Drywall Mud to Late Tomato. The improvement is immense, and the chaos is staying manageable. I knit while my husband paints. What could be more romantic?


Anonymous said...

Wow, the faux stole is gorgeous!!

Tell your dd that she did a wonderful job on her sock. Hope her other foot doesn't stay cold for long. :-)


Olive Oyl/Pensguys said...

You do SUCH beautiful work!!! DD isn't so bad either! ;) It must be inherited.

Denise said...

Dear Ms. A!!!

I am besides myself with incredible envy and I am awestruck at your sock knitting ability and productivity. Your socks are fabulous.

You rock, honey!