Thursday, January 19, 2006

Knitting Olympics?

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee thought of having Knitting Olympics this year during the same time as the Winter Olympics. My first thought was, 'Oh, the Olympics are this year?' I'd love to participate, but I'm not going to for two reasons. First off, I don't have a clue what would be a reasonable challenge to start and finish within 16 days. And secondly, I am going to be working on a sweater during that time frame. If the time frame lines up, I might see if A Sleeve would be something I could do in those 16 days.

With the exception of editing 200 pages (I'm looking at page 43 right now), my goals are all met. I wrote all the letters I wanted to, finished a sock (two socks, actually), finished up a skein of black this afternoon, kept up with Bible Study, and called to make a doctor's appointment. The doctor doesn't have his schedule in the computer yet, so we don't have an appointment, but I did try. School is moving along nicely - we did couplets today - the house is presentable, laundry is done, and no one is starving. It's been a good week.

The socks are from the Winter 2005 IK, and I like them. I will probably make them again in a slightly heavier yarn (I got 175 m/50 grams Rowan Wool 4-ply instead of 175 yds/50 g Koigu) and smaller needles. They're just a bit too large for me.

And the sweater. I have finished the ribbing - all 2 1/2 inches of it - and moved into the colorwork. My fingers are happy, and it's going well. There was a slight hitch when I got my latest package from KnitPicks with my size 2 Addis in it. They're not standard US size 2! Ah well, at least I realized it before I started knitting with them and got an odd gauge. I'm using my trusty Boye Needlemaster set, and the stitches are sliding along nicely. I'm not too sure if I like the little bitty triangles under the zig zags, but I also didn't want long floats there ... so they'll do. After the snowflakes comes the lice pattern, and I should have at least a week of knitting that before I need to make up my mind about the chest patterning.

Along with yarn and needles, I also got Sensational Knitted Socks, and am wondering which sock I will make first. Probably something stranded, since it is winter here, and my toes are cold. Except stranded socks aren't as easily carried around, and by the time I get ready to start them, it will probably be a lot warmer. Gotta get that hat / tea cozy / dishcloth / cowl done first!

Back to proofing ...

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Anonymous said...

Love the socks!

Suzanne from WTKnitters