Monday, January 02, 2006

It's the eighth day of Christmas

and I didn't take a single picture of my knitting to put on the blog. Today was a good day to do other things ... tax preparation, finding my desk, laundry, bake bread, clean bathrooms ... those things which don't really fit well into periods of intense knitting. I do, however, have some pictures of my daughter's knitting (except for the hat and striped sock, which do happen to have come off of my needles, but they're not the point of the picture.)

First, Julia models her fashion cardigan, knit in a lime green sportweight with a dark green collar. This was my daughter's first shaped garment, and we're quite pleased with how it turned out. Especially since it was designed for a 19" doll, and Julia is an 18" doll. The hat she is wearing is a modified pillbox design that I came up with today. After I finish this entry, I'm off to try another design.

Here, you see my daughter's first slipper. She started it on New Year's Eve, and finished it this morning. The mate for it was finished shortly before supper. Obviously, she did not particpate in my non-knitting day. She starts back up with schoolwork shortly, and while I can knit while she does worksheets, she can't (although she'd love to try), so I let her devote the day to her yarns.

That's about it. I am going to be diddling with hat designs for the next few days as I attempt to come up with something that will fit an adult head, be an appropriate showcase for a wide cable wrapping around the head, and have sufficient room left for bobbles and two other stitch patterns. I'd rather be knitting socks but those will come soon enough if I'm good and pretend to be a designer for a while. If I can't come up with a suitable hat 'framework' I can always do a standard brim to top cap. Or - horrors - maybe I'll end up making an Aran sweater instead, and I can design a Fair Isle tammy! Not that Aran sweaters are bad things, but I'd rather knit stranded than cable, and sweaters tend to be significantly larger than hats. Should have written down the directions for the Aran I invented in Tbilisi, then I'd be a step ahead of the game. It would need reknitting is something other than Soviet-era wool-cotton-bramble mix, however.

Tomorrow we're off to town to go hunting for some Super Bulky Chenille for my daughter's next project, a mock turtleneck.

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Denise said...

The slipper is awesome, but Julia's sweater .... oh my .... it is perfect! The knitting is fabulous, the fit stunning, and the choice of color and butttons is amazing. I just love it. There must be a very strong knitting gene that courses through your family line!

You go girls. You are on fiiirrre.