Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Smoke Alarms and Oregon Ducks

Filius is a scientific sort.  He did some research and learned that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.  We have lived in this house 20 years minus one month ... and have never replaced a smoke alarm.  So, that got put on the to-do list. And do you know what happens when you put a battery into a smoke alarm?  It beeps.

So, as we were getting ready to install a new smoke alarm yesterday, I thought it prudent to have pooch be somewhere else in the house while I put the battery in.  Maybe on the other side of a door and down a set of stairs.  It didn't work. I am his safety blanket, and when the thing beeped, he dashed up the stairs and burst through the door.  Which wasn't latched.  Old houses, old doors, and all that.  But we now have a functioning upstairs smoke detector.  Next up on the agenda is to replace the wired-in one that caused all the panic (for the dog) in the first place.

I have been casting around for something to knit, and remembered that I have some Oregon Ducks hats in my queue.  And I have yarn for them!  I do not have yarn for the Antifreeze balaclava-y thing I owe Filius for running his former one through the wash.  It would now fit a much younger Filius.  But I do have John Deere Green and Yellow for the Oregon Ducky hat, and a picture of a hat.  Take those two things, and I shall come up with a hat.  Two hats, actually. Yayyyyy!  Something to knit!  Over the weekend, I was reduced to knitting swatches for projects I didn't quite have in mind.

Today is a beautiful day, perfect for working in yards.  So that is what shall happen.  The canine will be delighted to chase rabbits far, far from nasty smoke alarms that go BEEP. 

I leave you with a nice tranquil photo, albeit one without the chipmunk I was trying to photograph.  This is the view from my front porch.  The trees are apricot bushes, theoretically 4-6 ft tall.  They overachieved. 

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