Monday, December 22, 2014

Back! Or am I?

I never particularly intended to have a year-long hiatus on this blog.  Somewhere between the busyness of life and my intentions not to spend more time documenting what I am doing than actually doing it, the blog faded into the background.  The serious background, rather like the back of the cave the Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves took refuge in while they were traversing the Misty Mountains, and which just faded into blackness that seemed to be impenetrable but which wasn't, sadly, and which really had repercussions for a good night's sleep.  At least for them.

I'm not particularly schooling two any more.  And 'one' may not be exactly what I knit.  I knit lots.  And I could write about that, and about what I am reading, and memorizing, and gardening (just not at the moment ... something about 'earth stood hard as iron'), and stuff ... but is this a useful vehicle for that? 

Weigh in, all you existent readers!

And a blessed last few days of Advent to you all. 


Anonymous said...

You are too clever, well read, and observant to not be writing (something, somewhere at least)!

Dawn said...

I enjoy reading what ever it is you choose to write about :) And, if it is about Bilbo's journey, or knitting, or what you are memorizing, it is all interesting because you make it fun to read.

I have researched my way into crochet instead of knitting. lol I want to concentrate on my quilting, but I wanted something to do with my hands in the late evening while sitting on the couch with my husband :) Knitting seemed too complicated to learn as a side adventure with the amount of time I want to allocate to it :)