Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog post?

My to-do list is reminding me that today is my day to update you on Queen Susan.  Except she's not done anything since last week except for sit on top of my printer and collect dog hair.  Before she gets blocked, I need to get some things blocked for the State Fair.  They were supposed to get done today, but since I have been studying a box of knitting for much of the past 12 hours or so, they weren't. 

I didn't do a lot of other things today, like lunch.  Unless a popsicle counts?  I am making up for it now by nibbling on Braised Beef and Tortelloni leftovers from the Olive Garden.  Mmmm.  Good food, even chilled, on this toasty day.

Speaking of which, I hope I  will remember to put my yogurt in the fridge this evening.  And I also hope it didn't get cooked, sitting in the window.  The first time I checked the temperature, it was 127.  Oops.  The honeycomb blind does such a nice job of insulating that area.  I appreciate it in the winter too, when the temp in there gets quite low -- I think I remember seeing it in the 20's, but could be mistaken. 

What good books are you all reading?  I've been on a Henty kick lately, and really enjoyed the book in which Admiral Lord Nelson plays a role.  It moved along much better than Peterborough's campaign in Spain. 

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