Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Another pictureless update

This week sees The Queen Susan at 141 rounds completed.  I'm on the last set of charts for EVERYTHING (except the edging, which I haven't even printed out yet) and am happy with my progress.  The surgeon was happy with the progress Abigail's incision made, too, and she can now be up and about for reasonable chunks of time.  That means my self-imposed home-bound status is coming to an end. Alas, I will miss it. 

In our pitiful non-attempt at a garden, the asparagus is being attacked by invisible asparagus beetles.  The beetles leave eggs behind, but I've only seen one actual bug.  I continue to pick asparagus on an almost daily basis.  Our dog shows more enthusiasm for his portion than he does for his morning meal, and if we don't offer him the ends, he mopes.  Poor thing.  I planted 3 kinds of squash (red, hubbard, and patty pan) and at least one of everything is up.  Two years ago, the red pumpkin (Rouge d'Vin Etamps, I believe) was kind of a pasty flesh tone.  I wonder what color it will be this year.

In book-reading, I've finished Redgauntlet and added several more books to my queue.  One of my Kindle Collections is 'Unread Books'.  Redgauntlet, by Sir Walter Scott, looked like it was doomed to sit in the Unread pile forever, because the first half-hour of the book was BOOOOORING.  After reading some reviews of it, however, and how it was wonderful and exciting and possibly his best work, I decided that perhaps I should just slog away.  It got much better.  I haven't picked a next fiction book yet.

I am completely ignoring school-planning for next year.  It's much more fun to tinker with fermentables in the kitchen.  A friend is bringing over some tibicos grains today.  I had no clue there were so many different ways to use them!  Unfortunately, many of the ways are contradictory.  We shall see what happens.

Thought of the day:  The holiness of God, or holy, or sanctification, or any word in that family, is not mentioned in the Bible between the 7th day of creation (Genesis 2:3) and Moses (Exodus 3:5).  That's quite a gap!  It seems like the topic should have come up with Abraham.  Or Isaac.  Or Jacob.  If it did, it didn't make it into the Biblical record.


Shan said...

I remember pushing through the wall in "Ivanhoe", as a young girl, and being hugely rewarded with a roller coaster of adventure.

I'm glad the surgeon is happy with the incision progress. I recall the kidney transplant (my sister gave to my husband) and the aftermath...three months of constant checking and rechecking, tiny setbacks and the thrill of eventual victory.

Your holiness note is interesting. I wonder why the gap? But it seems to me those patriarchs were very gritty at times, quite worldly and base, and really sort of went where they were pushed, as opposed to striving for their God Jehovah in any way.

I don't like 'em. The word I think of in relation to God, when I reflect on those times, is 'forebearance'.

Much like with myself, I humbly realise, though praise the Lord I am sanctified myself through Christ, and in that way have an enormous advantage over the patriarchs!

Shan said...

PS: have you read "Scaramouche", by Rafael Sabatini? Quite good, and very much in Sir Walter Scott's vein.

I am on a Georgette Heyer kick lately, rereading everything except the true historicals. My favourite is "A Civil Contract", which you might look for in a library, though you'd be lucky to find it!