Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Jottings

April has disappeared, and May has arrived - cool at first, and rather toasty in the sunshine today. I am glad it will cool off again tomorrow, and stay cooler for a while (cool now is 70 degrees, give or take 10. Obviously I'm in summer mode - an easy place to be when the window thermometer says 106 degrees.)

My fun project right now is dreaming of the mittens I will make at a Very Tiny Gauge. Here are two swatches ... More yarn for swatching is on the way. In the meantime, I've pulled Molly's Fault out of hibernation and am making decent progress on it. The plan is to make it into a scarf first, then a wrap, and then a bona fide blanket.
We have all sorts of plans around here. Filia was planning out her History Day presentation board, when Canis Magnus decided he would help.
And a week or so earlier, in that very spot, Canis Minimus decided he would help Filius with some science questions. Canis Minimus is very picky about where he reposes, and because of his arthritis and prior-to-us life, often responds to annoyances in his repose with snarls and a tooth. Filius doesn't like being a place of repose.
Short, sweet, and plenty of photos. Now it's back to organizing my desk!

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Holly said...

Can't wait to see the mittens! Your latvian one in the last post was fantastic!!!