Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lazy Days of Summer

The first blush of post-school busy-ness has faded away, and summer spreads before me like a blank canvas.

Great sentence? But not quite true. The insanity of article to knit and books to edit and databases to design has indeed faded away. The articles ARE knit (or aren't ready to be knit), I'm practically caught up on edits, and I have two nicely working databases. But somehow, the blank canvas part isn't true. Filia and Filius are signed up for swim lessons starting in a week or two, and once those are over Filius has scout camp, followed by VBS for both, followed by a week off and then another camp. But I won't complain. There is plenty of free space in our summer. A 50-minute swim lesson, even if it is two towns away, still doesn't take the entire day. I would like to know how it ended up that I have four doctor's appointments in a 3-week period while Filia has a 4 month period without any. (Orthodontist doesn't count. I don't think we've EVER gone 3 months before without a check-up with someone.)

And dh put the air conditioner in yesterday ... so today, the heat breaks. Just in time for cooler weather, which I appreciate. Summer is a very good thing for crops and long walks, but I miss warming up with hot cocoa and cozily warm blankets.

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Holly said...

We just finished VBS, too and are in the middle of swimming lessons. Funny. I am working hard on CD-I have made some progress and am about halfway done with the first sleeve!