Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Postman Cometh

The postman brought me three boxes of goodies on Monday, but I forget what the third one was. It wasn't my new knitting book :( which I need like I need more yarn.

But wait ... I did get more yarn! This is a Very Important Yarn Box. The primary purpose was to get yarn for a Sweater Filii ... but in the lower half of the box, you see Slipper Yarn. Slippers are on the agenda as soon as I get a test knitting project done (ideally, tomorrow), and re-knit a Beehive Hat (ideally, tomorrow also.) My toes may be warm on Monday!

The other box was really a padded envelope. Inside the envelope were two pieces of cardboard, taped together neatly. And labeled. With a clue.

Out came the scissors (since I had an inkling what might be Inside Here, and had no intent of just ripping the cardboard AND contents into smaller pieces). I carefully sliced the tape all around, reverently lifted a piece of cardboard, and saw ...

I won't be knitting slippers on these. Mittens and lace, anyone?

Oh, that's right. I already have something on the needles. But that will pass -- hopefully by early February.

My Nachaq is sidelined at the moment, but it's looking good. I'm not to the half-way point yet, but I was getting there once upon a time. It's sulking in my knitting box at the moment while I'm working on test knitting (THAT was the other package I got on Monday. More yarn!) and a class sample.


Deborah said...

Yarn. Yarn good. Need more yarn. LOL, what a fun day you had Monday!

Pensguys said...

Whoo Hoo!!! What a day!