Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ponder ponder

The twined mittens are done. My hands can now relax from the twist twist twist so inherent in twined knitting.

Now, I get to cable mittens. I *think* I've got the right stitch. (Anyone who doesn't think so, and can tell me why not, please PLEASE please leave a comment. I've got the right blue. I almost have the right cream. But I do not have the right gauge. And, knowing how the yarn works up on larger needles, I'm suspecting I may not have the right yarn. So. I'll start off with a child's size mitten, and then play with gauge later. The mitten on the left is, as the discerning reader will note from the needles at the top, the one I am knitting. The mitten on the right is the one from Latvia (pause for reflection on the journey this mitten has taken.)

I'm also, somehow, in the middle of a lace moebius scarf. Well, not in the MIDDLE middle, as that's the cast on row, and I'm beyond that. Thankfully. The first three hours of knitting on it were enough to make me grumble about my faithful Boye Needlemaster set. Cables and connectors and exposed threads, Oh My! But the next morning, as I began work on row 2, I realized I was just dealing with First Row Agonies, and all has gone well since.

And that's my knitting for this weekl. Mitten here, lace there, and a quiet week in which to do it.

Filia's cast has filled up quite nicely with signatures. She only gets to enjoy it for another 3 1/2 weeks, though. We are not sad.


Denise said...

Love, love, love the mittens. Fabu.

And the cast??!! Also fabu. When Nylah was doubly ostiomitized, I insisted, because it was nearing the Christmas season, that she had one green and white striped leg, and the other red and white candy cane. Oh, it was something. She was only 8 or so at the time, and, thus, fairly amenable to my wayward ways.

And, in a similar but completely unrelated vein, I was going to give Raeah the middle name: Sunshine. I came close, I really did.

Seriously, I am one of those mothers. All giddy and such. Kind of embarrassing, even for me. : )

Milly said...

the mittens are wonderful!