Sunday, August 03, 2008

Latvian Dreams: the second pattern

This is what I was up to! (Cast on Friday afternoon, finished Saturday night. Complete with sleeping, laundry, meals, book releases, and other normal miscellany of life.)

I've decided that, rather than agonizing over which mittens to make from the book, I will work through them in sequence. There are over 50 graphs, so I will be busy for a while. And there are no colors, or photos, or bottom edge treatments given... so there is lots of room for the imagination.

I used to wonder what kind of insanity it took to do a three-color fringe. Why didn't anyone tell me what fun they were?


twistedinstitches said...

I like, I like!!!

Three color fringe is living dangerously! I have yet to try that one and my hat is off to you friend!

Wonderful mitten you have there!!!!

fleegle said...

That is a most exquisite mitten!

Just our luck--Bush will be arriving in Bangkok that day. I have images of circling the airport for seven hours while he gets a haircut.

Pensguys said...

How beautiful!!!

Shan said...

Gorgeous! Sorry for not giving a better guess - I was stumped.

MaryjoO said...

I just looked at all your FOs on Ravelry ... when do you sleep? LOL beautiful work!!