Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Bowl Knitting

Our church has a Super Bowl party at a member's house each year, and a good chunk of the church gathers to watch the game and talk. I tag along to knit and talk. But this year, my only project OTN was the Swallowtail shawl -- not exactly ideal for a potentially not-well-lighted corner. And the Endpaper Mitts weren't quite a good fit, either. So, when we left for church in the morning, I was toting both the Swallowtail Shawl and Filius' sweater that he's outgrown in length. I have no idea how many stitches I picked up at the bottom (knit bottom up), but I picked up a goodly number of them, then snipped a thread and started removing the garter welts at the bottom.

I ended up helping my husband in the nursery at church, but it was pretty quiet so I pulled out the gansey to work on ... and one of the children in the nursery wanted to work on it. She actually ended up doing a good portion of a row, and while she was doing that, I pulled out the shawl. It actually got to row 3 of the last chart before church was over. Then we were off to a friend's house -- no sense in driving 30 miles home, staying 2 hours, and driving 40 miles back to watch the Super Bowl, so we descended upon a friend who lives closer to town -- where we munched, chatted, and of course, knit.

Then I left Interweave Knits there, and have no clue what to do on the Swallowtail next. It was almost a knitting crisis, since the gansey was going so well. Whatever would I do during the football game if I had No Project? But all worked out well. I wove in the last tail of the 6" longer gansey with less than a minute to go in the game, and that was that.
Monday promised to be a day of snow, and the kids were dragging after a late night, so it became a Snow Day. I cast on for an Endpaper Mitt, finished it Tuesday, and am ready to start the thumb gusset of the second one. The colors work well together, and black is much nicer as fake seam than pink was.

I'm still admiring my Rovaniemi mitts. There was an error in the pattern, so if you are planning to make them, watch for the errata from Piecework. It was minor, so if you don't find it and come across a troubling p4, go with your gut instinct. I wonder what color combo I should use in my next ones?

Puritan reading is trotting along nicely, as is harp practice, and playing with my new computer. Life is going smoothly. Whatever is around the bend?

I shall leave you with a quote from Flavel's Mystery of Providence:
It was well observed by one that, 'as God hath stretched out the expansum or firmament over the natural; so he hath stertched out his Word over the rational world.' And as the creatures on earth are influenced by those heavenly bodies, so are all creatures in the world influenced by the Word, and do infallibly fulfil it, when they design to thwart it."

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