Saturday, January 26, 2008

What my needles have been doing

A small cable stash hat. Pattern comes from the Knitting 2008 Pattern-a-Day calendar.

Another stash hat - the Inga Hat. A wee bit long, as you can see, but it can be folded under nicely to keep the ears toasty. On my next hat, I'll start up several rows. It uses about 4 yards more than one skein of dark blue Merino Style, and less than a skein of cream.

The next balaclava. Handy for Minnesota, when you don't want your cheeks and nose to freeze. Stash project using up leftover legwarmer and husband's balaclava Shamrock yarn.

Happy Filia in finally finished cardigan. Drops 88-4, I think, with 8 skeins of Swish DK. Happy me is glad to be done knitting a cardigan.

Latvian Mittens. They're finished now, and I thought I had a finished picture, but I can't find it, and the mittens are currently at my LYS for a photo session.

My needles are now working on the Swallowtail shawl (9 repeats of the bud pattern done) and dreaming of starting the Rovaniemi Mittens.

I've finished the January book for the Puritan Reading Challenge. And I'm taking advantage of my new computer's faster speed (from 800 Mhz to 2.6 Ghz) to download lectures and the like. Some people watch TV while they knit, I like to listen to things. And now that my computer has speakers, I will!

New computers are fun. But does anyone have an idea why, or better yet, how to fix, the glitch that is causing ctrl+p to CLOSE MS Word (97) rather than open a Print dialog box? Even if I select it from the menu, the program closes. The print button works fine, though, as does ctrl+P in Excel and Works.

Annoying, but for the speed, I think I can live with it. Blogger can even keep up with my typing now! It had a rate of 10 wpm or so, and I am a bit faster.


Pensguys said...

Very nice projects!

Swallowtail is somewhere in my future...maybe this year.

I don't know about the cntl+p...sorry.

Gerd said...

oh my... those latvian mitts ar georgeous.. And thanks for your comment in my blog