Sunday, March 04, 2007


It's March, my cough is non-existent, we have a humidifier, and life continues.

Our recent blizzard did a good job on slowing down life. It was WONDERFUL! I borrowed a page from the script of some homeschooling friends. "School is cancelled when you have to shovel your way to the school table." Ds promptly asked for a chain saw so he could remove part of the roof. We were home, we were together, and it was good.

I snuck in some knitting time to make myself a pair of slippers without holes. The first slipper knit up incredibly fast - the second, not so fast. I realized as I was knitting that I had forgotten six rows of plain knitting (you know, the space where one's toes go before the decreases start?) After picking up stitches all around in preparation for snipping, knitting, and grafting, I decided that trying to graft short rows was not a good idea, frogged, and re-knit. The slippers are cozy, and if I don't get some soles on them soon, they'll have holes just like the old pair. They match my tea cozy beautifully. And -- they could count as my March Stash Project! The only problem is that I think I finished them last Sunday, which means they're another February Stash Project. I'm not sure what my stash project this month will be.

Unless a pair of socks counts? I finished Mom's socks in Bearfoot, and have started in on a pair in Regia. The yarn was bought and gifted to me ... so maybe it can count as stash. I'm halfway to the heel on the first one.

If you look carefully at the photo, or even not so carefully, you will notice that the leg on one looks nothing like the leg on the other. This is a result of a Knot In A Skein. The socks were knit from one skein. I clipped the knot, joined yarns, and merrily knit along. Maybe I should drop the company a note to let them know of the color discrepancy?
Quote d'jour:
It is far more seemly to have thy Studie full of Bookes, than thy Purse full of money.
~John Lyly


Becca said...

You don't happen to remember what colorway that Mountain Colors is? It looks awfully like some that I have in my stash. I hope it's the same, because it sure looks nice and I hadn't considered it for Jaywalkers.

Becca from the WTKnitters

Carolyn said...

The color is Sunburst. I got 8 spi in stockinette on size 3 needles. If you get the stated gauge, you'd need to fudge the pattern a bit. I fudged the pattern anyways ... worked them toe up, short-row heel.

Theresa said...

I love the quote! Can I use that the next time Hubby eyes a box from Amazon suspiciously!? :o)

Carolyn said...

Of course, Theresa!

Do you know the one from Erasmus? He wrote, "When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes."