Saturday, November 11, 2006

The First Real Snow of 2006-07

Today is one of those perfect winter days. Not as perfect as a day with a raging storm and nowhere to go (assuming a working power supply, enough hot cocoa for a small army, and a good supply of yarn), but perfect nonetheless. We've 4+ inches of snow on the ground, temperatures cold enough not to melt it, and no pressing business to take care of.

In short, a wonderful day for knitting. So what do I do? Edit an answer key.

But editing has its place, and working into the evening isn't one of them. I've finished a pair of kool-aid dyed green socks, and am working on a large swatch for a gansey. Another name for the swatch is 'hat' -- my thanks to Liz Lovick for the idea! Since hats are portable, I'm not starting another pair of socks quite yet. And I have nothing else on the needles. That will change before long, I'm sure.

My friend Lynn who made that sample Brioche sweater finished her first sock last weekend, and tomorrow I get to find out what she's been up to since then.

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