Friday, June 02, 2006

God provides!

This is a harp.

A beautiful harp.

A harp that appeared almost out of nowhere.

It has been loaned to me by a person who, although I knew of their existence vaguely through a prayer chain, I had never met until Monday, when I went to a Memorial Day picnic, which I learned of only Sunday afternoon.

Somehow, introverted little me began talking with another person ... and in the first three sentences we managed to establish that we both know too much about hospitals, and that she had a spare harp.

God is good. God is great. And I can hardly wait for the harp store in California to open so I can order a book or two.

Did you know the doxology can be played on a lever harp by a rank amateur?


Denise said...

Oh my!!

Oh my!!!

That is so awesome, Carolyn! Before you even asked, God answered! Wow!

God is caretaking us, isn't He?

Jennifer said...

What a great story.