Friday, October 21, 2005

On to the poncho!

There is such delight in finishing a project, especially when the finished item is going to a good home. Such was the case last night at 10 PM, when I cast off lots of little tiny stitches in a stretchy cast off. I was so delighted with the entire knitting universe that I decided to cast on 307 stitches for my next project right then and there. The shawl is now staked out over bath towels in Abigail's room (the book is just beyond the halfway point), and the poncho is about 5% finished.

The photo is a smidgen dark, but you can see the gal wearing 3700 yards of cashmere ($700 worth, retail) and the beginnings of my woolen version, in a very pale lavendar. I think it is going to be lovely, and snuggly to work on as the weather turns colder. If - big if - I can do a skein a day, I will have it finished before Thanksgiving.

My socks in Jig are finished, and I've got a decent start on my
next 'carry along' project, a scarf cowl in Sweat Pea laceweight from KnitPicks. It's not as handy as a sock for knitting in the dark upon, but it's not too far off. I've got 41 inches to go of straight knitting, then decreases, a seam, and it too will be finished. Sigh. Too much fun. There are just so many neat things out there to knit.

Not much other news is happening. Dan is enjoying his new part-time job, I'm enjoying Pachebel's Canon in D, the children are enjoying having the end of Greek in sight, and the rest of our studies are proceeding apace. In my goals for next week .... have 5 fewer skeins to knit up into poncho, an orderly schoolroom, and one letter ready to mail.


Dawn said...

Are there really people that would spend $700 on yarn, then have to make the sweater too? Or pay someone to make it for them?

You sound like you are in knitting heaven. And, so perfect of timing too, winter is coming!

Carolyn said...

I think there are actually such people. And figuring that the pattern is cable, and the 'going' rate for working in cable or lace is 25 cents a yard ... that's $925 or so to make it up.

If you know anyone who would like to pay that much for a poncho, do send them my direction. I think I could squeeze in knitting another poncho sometime early next year.

Dawn said...